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Help for Nonprofits

Many software/hardware companies offer discounts to nonprofit organizations.

Tech Soup is a good starting point to see what is available. is a clearinghouse for a number of software and some hardware vendors to provide their products to nonprofits for a nominal administrative fee. There are a few caveats you should be aware of:

a. Every vendor sets their own requirements to qualify for their products, so while you may qualify to buy from one vendor, you may not qualify to buy from others. After you register with TechSoup, you can see a list of what you qualify for.

b. Before you place any orders for Microsoft products, make sure you know all of the Microsoft products you would like to buy and, if possible, purchase as many as possible at the same time. They set a 1 or 2 year limit on donations, so you may not be able to get another donation from them for that amount of time.

c. You can register us as your Tech Contact, if you’d like. Then we can assist with selecting product, purchasing and licensing.

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