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Microsoft Surface Pro X Owners: Camera Failure - Update

Update as of June 16, 2023: Microsoft is deploying a critical troubleshooter to mitigate this issue on most affected Windows devices. Troubleshooters are applied automatically and can't be run manually. For more information about troubleshooting, see keep your device running smoothly with recommended troubleshooting.

cartoon image of a camera with a broken lense with the microsoft suface pro x logo above

Surface Pro X users have recently encountered that the cameras on their devices suddenly ceased functioning. Several reports online highlight this issue, with attempts to resolve it through driver reinstalls proving unsuccessful.

Users attempting to use the camera app were met with a "0xA00F4271<MediaCaptureFailedEvent> (0x80004005)" error, indicating a failure in the Windows system.

Text of error message

The exact cause of these camera malfunctions remains unclear. However, reports suggests that an expired security certificate within the Windows system might be at fault.

Microsoft is yet to provide an official explanation or solution for the problem, but Microsoft is set to release a Windows 11 update, so a resolution should be expected in the near future.

If you are a client and your users are experiencing this issue, please reach out via email or by phoning the support line. Email the Help Desk at or call 617-884-1086, and a tech will be happy to assist.

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