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Network Equipment Maintenance

Are your switches and routers ensconced in dust? Network devices need to be maintained. Once they are set up, the maintenance can get overlooked until there is a problem. Here are a few tips to keep your network equipment running and avoid unplanned downtime.

  • Keep the device dust free. Use compressed air to blow out the dust.

  • The temperature and humidity in the room where the device resides should be kept at the optimal operating range. Temperature should be 64.4° F to 80.6° F with relative humidity less than 60%.

  • Free up space around the device to promote proper ventilation.

  • Plug devices into a surge protector instead of a wall jack.

  • Keep the network devices in a locked room and restrict access.

  • Maintain support/maintenance contract from manufacturer. This gives you access to patches and firmware updates.

  • Update firmware regularly.

  • Change passwords regularly.

  • Remove old/unused accounts

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