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Reboot SOHO Routers

If you have a home or small office router, the FBI suggests you immediately reboot it to counter Russian-linked malware VPNFilter.

It doesn’t take long to simply turn your router off and then back on, and the payoff is worth it, considering it’s within your power to counter Fancy Bear-linked malware that is capable of everything from stealing information to rendering the router inoperable.

The malware, which has so far infected at least 500,000 small office and home office routers in 54 countries, has been dubbed VPNFilter. It’s linked to the Sofacy Group, aka Fancy Bear and APT 28, a sophisticated cyber-espionage hacking group backed by the Russian military intelligence agency.

VPNFilter, according to a trio of three-letter agencies — the FBI, DHS, DoJ — has infected not only hundreds of thousands of SOHO routers, but also other network-attached storage (NAS) devices.

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