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Microsoft Windows 10 and End of Life Updates

Microsoft has announced it is ending support for Windows 10 on October 14th, 2025. This includes editions: Home, Pro, Pro Education and Pro for Workstations. While users will still be able to use their devices normally, Microsoft will not push security updates not any feature updates to the operating system. Without these updates, devices can become vulnerable to malware, viruses, trojans, and more.

What does this mean for users?:

Users can download Windows 11 for free (Introducing Windows 11 | Windows Experience Blog) starting October 10th, 2022, if they have a compatible computer.

To see if a Windows PC is eligible for the free upgrade, select the Start button (⊞), and then go to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update.

To see if your system is currently running Windows 11:

Open your settings menu and click on Systems and check under About to see your Windows Specification:

What does this mean for current TIC clients?:

TIC will be reaching out to our current clients to help support this migration.

Interested in learning how TIC can help keep your company up to date with these new Windows changes? Contact us by clicking here.


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