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4 Tips to Keep Tech Cool this Summer

clip art image of a blue laptop with a blue thermometer and snow flake

It's important to keep tech cool while the heat rises in the summer. Excessive heat can result in the failure of hardware components. Here are some helpful tips for keeping you and your devices cool this summer.

  1. Keep the flow clear: It's important to keep all fan powered devices clear of dust and clutter that can prevent air from circulating. If tech is stored in an enclosed area, hot air tends to cycle through it making it hotter and hotter the longer it is running, which can damage devices.

  2. Check the drivers seat: The inside of your car can get very hot. The heat in a car in the summer can get hot enough to melt plastic, which means it can melt delicate components in your laptop or cellphone. Keep devices away from direct sunlight.

  3. Unplug and unwind: At the end of the day, if possible, make sure to fully shut down and unplug any devices not in use. Not only will you be saving electricity but you'll also be saving the battery life of a device in the long run. If you can't unplug or shut down, close out of all unused programs and applications. Use a screen saver or your devices' sleep setting. This gives laptops a chance to cool down.

  4. Call for backup: Summer is about fun and sometimes, things happen. Whether it's a spilled drink or sand in a USB port, it's always good to have a backup solution. Here at TIC we offer excellent backup solutions such as Datto and VEEAM. If you're interested in products like these or interested in any of our other services, contact us or check out what other products we offer by clicking here.


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