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Windows Latest Zero-Day Exploit Vulnerability

You may have seen in the news that Microsoft has released a patch for a new zero-day exploit which affects Outlook and can lead to users’ mailboxes being compromised if the patch is not applied. You can read about this via the secure link here.

Supported customers who have Outlook from Microsoft 365 have received this patch, which was pushed out to end-users via Datto’s Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) tool. Users receiving the patch via the RMM will automatically have certain Microsoft applications (Outlook, Excel, Word, etc) closed, so please advise your staff accordingly. Users should not have to restart their machines for this update to be applied.

We are currently working on patch monitoring clients on retail and volume licenses as well and will reach out accordingly.

If you are not enrolled in our Datto RMM or are not a client of TIC, you can follow instructions on how to push the patch on your own by clicking the button below:

If you have any questions regarding this security alert, or if any users have issues before, during or after applying these changes please reach out via email or by phoning the support line to the Help Desk at or call 617-884-1086, and a tech will be happy to assist.

Both Microsoft and TIC are doing our best to contain this exploit but please stay alert and vigilant.


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