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Windows Vulnerability - How To Update Outlook for Microsoft 365

You may have seen in the news that Microsoft has released a patch for a new zero-day exploit which affects Outlook and can lead to users’ mailboxes being compromised if the patch is not applied. You can read about this via the secure link here.

Supported customers who have Outlook from Microsoft 365 have received this patch, which was pushed out to end-users via Datto’s Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) tool. Read more about what has been done here:

If you are not enrolled in our RMM or you are not a client of ours and still want to protect yourself, follow the steps below on how to update your Outlook for M365 application.

1.) On the left menu, select File:

2.) On the right column, select Office Accounts:

3.) On the right column, select Update Option under Office Updates:

4.) From the drop-down menu, select Update Now:

5.) Outlook will automatically start the update and will restart. Once launched, confirm that the update was successful by returning to the File > Office Account page. The version should read: Version 2302 (Build 16130.20306):

If you're not running Outlook for M365, check out this link to see instructions on how to update your version of Outlook: Install Office updates - Microsoft Support


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